About Hashem (Straightforward)

For a not-so-straight-forward version of the About Me page, see So Very Hashem

Formal Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology (University of Toronto)

Skill-set (hopefully strengths): : 1.Research 2. Analysis 2. Writing.

Potential weakness because of this skill-set:  slowing down or complicating action because of intellectual scepticism.


  1. Career choice and development.
  2. Judgement and decision-making psychology (JDM)
  3. Optimal Sweet Spots (will explain later).
  4. Paradox!

This Blog: 

Expect this blog to reflect those interests.

My Name?

I’m Hashem ElAssad from Amman, Jordan. But you can call me Hashem; there’s no need to call me Hashem ElAssad from Amman, Jordan everytime you address me. Oh, and my mom thinks I’m really funny.

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