About Hashem (Straightforward)

Skills/Services: Research, Analysis, Writing, Content Creation, Career Coaching
Typical deliverables: Articles, Workshop Content, Databases

Favorite task: Finding very specific/hard to find items; compiling a list of sought-after content items (for example, a list of emails for Training Managers in Dubai). This type of tasks can be addictive and hard to stop once started.

Ideal client or colleague: Someone who’s aware of the uncertain nature of research.

Top interests: Psychology (especially judgement and decision-making), career choice
Roles: Research Content Specialist, Blogger, Amman Writing Club Member, Coach

Feel free to contact Hashem at hashem.elassad@hotmail.com (or PM me here) to explore working together or if you have any questions/feedback.
Hashem is a University of Toronto psychology alumnus (Distinction). Using his research and analytical skills, he prepares content for Talentology Training’s services and products (workshops, lectures). Research for Hashem is an obsession; when he puts his mind to find an item, he immerses himself in that item’s world. He feels compelled to dive really deep in the ocean of knowledge to find those pearls of an item. This item could be information such as concepts, theories, emails, people or it can be media such as videos or images. Research is not just a job for Hashem; it’s his very essence. He presents this knowledge through content creation and writing.
He is an active member of The Amman Writing Club. You can find his writings at his blog https://paradoxicallyparadoxical.wordpress.com/
For a more unorthodox less-straightforward bio that can perhaps give you a more distinctive nuanced sense of the more elusive harder to describe aspects of Hashem, please see


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