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50. Looking for someone who loves organizing (preferably in Jordan) {Complementary skill partnership}

49. المية تكدّب الغطاس: مناشدة لأسلوب حياة تجريبي من عقلية غير واثقة Water belies the diver (The proof is in the pudding): A Call for an Empirical Lifestyle from an Insecure Mindset

48. The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Anxiety Fun (Mamdouh Al-Saraireh Blog)

47. I am the Desert Penguin

46.Books that influenced my thought

45. Recommended Best Picks

44. Password Protected: A Glorious Loss at Home (Short Story)

43. Why I named my blog Paradoxically Paradoxical? and a Proposed Slogan “Embrace the Cringe!”

42. Boiling Parts of the Ocean

41.Rethinking Career Choice: Why 80,000 Hours should give us Pause

40.Password protected: Protected: Why walk when you’ve got hands and a basketball? part II: The People

39. Engaging Bull on Steroids (Ahmad Al-Assad’s Flip Paradox Profile)

38. The Flip Paradox

37.  Why Walk When You’ve Got Hands and a Basketball?

36. Password Protected: Quoted snippets from on the vocation-person fit and some notes (Draft)

35.Zoom-in vs Zoom-out:Resources on the Generalist Vs. Specialist Trade-Off (Draft) الكل في الكل مقابل دكتوراة في حتى

34. My highlights while researching “Generalists vs Specialists” (References)

33. A Diatribe against Well-meaning but Delusionally-confident Patronizing Self-Styled Mentors

32. Overcoming Bias : We Add Near, Average Far (References)

31. Disputed Issues: Avoiding irrelevance and dilution: Construal-level theory, the endowment effect, and the art of omission (References)

30. Career Clutter Causing an Existentialist Crisis

29. Fruits of the Flow

28. Comparative Personalities

27. Hitch’s Itch (My Flow =No Stone Unturned)

26. When did you feel fulfilled in the past?

25. X on My “Self-Limiting?” Beliefs

24. Very Useful List for Job Satisfaction (References)

23. Self-Soothing Talk after Frustrating Delay/Detour

22. Password Protected: Raw خام (Me contra ME in Defense of ME)

21. A Guilty Machine’s Tears, Blood, Urine & Sperm

20. 13-Second Voice Message: One Free Close-Mindedness Allowed

19. Abandoned Project: “You’re Smart for a Kid”

18. When Self-Defense Becomes Laughable: The Paradox of Self-Confidence

17. Paper, Fog and Blood (Reflections about writing during and after the AJLOUN writing retreat)

16. Password Protected: Playing Footsie with Nature: An Attempt at an Earth-shattering Mystical Experience [i]

15. Hashem, Consider This For Your Life

14. Alexa, What Should I Do With My Life?

13. The British are comingggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!! (And they’ll stay for a while): Ceylon National Congress

12. My Counter-factual Wife كلام من الأحشاء

11. Seven ideas

10. Questions about embarking on a writing career path

9. فقع مرارتي عشان أحفز نفسي I’ll grind my own gears to motivate myself.

8. Eureka: Please hold on, your question will be answered in a few years

7. My Beloved Scar

6. Protected: A Tribute to Lady Vera

5. For Lamel’s Sake  (Short Story = Fiction = Did not happen)

4. Not my heart beat (Poem)

3. Shatter that Rock (Poem)

2. Open Doors Experiment

1. “I never let my education get in the way of my learning”


1. About Hashem (Straightforward)

2. So Very Hashem

3. Freezing Fire; Sizzling Snow

4. My Questions on ResearchGate

5. WARNING! for designers

6. Anonymous Feedback

7. The Button


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